Our packaging is compostable or recyclable

We all need to do our bit. Our boxes, cups, bags, tray mats, straws and sauce pottles are all compostable. Help us make this possible by using the provided bins at our store, or at home under the correct conditions.

Our boxes, bags, cups, lids, sauce pottles, tray mats and straws can be composted. Please remove the handle reinforcements from our large bag before composting and recycle in your regular recycling.

Our cups, lids, sauce pottles and straws are made from compostable plant-based PLA. This is better for the environment but means they're not as sturdy as plastic - we apologise for any breakages. 

Composting in store
Pop your packaging in the compost bins at our store. It will be taken away to a commercial composting facility to be composted and then supplied to local farmers and growers to enrich crop-growing soil. 

Composting at home
To successfully compost Shake Out packaging at home, you need the right conditions:

  1. Ensure you have enough compost already for the compost to self-insulate. One cubic metre is recommended.

  2. Tear or cut boxes, cups, straws, sauce pottles and bags into small pieces (about the size of your thumb nail).

  3. Place packaging in compost bin.

  4. Make sure you have other plant matter in the bin too. The paper/cardboard to vegetation ration should be 1:9.

  5. Turn and mix compost to aerate it.

  6. Pour water into compost mix to dampen - this helps to raise the temperature.

  7. Ensure sun is shining directly on the compost bin - you need to achieve 60-degree temperatures.

  8. Keep aerating and adding water regularly. Packaging should be totally broken down within three months under the right conditions.