Want to know more about Shake Out? 

We're committed to being totally honest and straight-up. If you can't find the answer to your question below, just email us and one of the Shake Out team will help you out. 

For specific Online Ordering FAQs please see below.

Can we be friends?

Yes please! Pop in-store to say hello, sign-up (below) for Shake Out updates and follow @shakeoutnz on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I customise my burger? 

We don't offer customisations at Shake Out - our kitchen, menu and service style has not been designed to accommodate this. Our aim is to serve great food, fast, and this means there are things we just can't do. Customisations really slow the kitchen down, so by eliminating them we are able to get everyone's burgers out fast and delicious.

Can you cater to my allergies? 

We're very sorry but Shake Out cannot safely cater to allergies. We have known allergens in the kitchen and cannot prevent against cross-contamination. A full Shake Out allergens chart will be available shortly - watch this space.

I'm vegetarian - what can I eat?

Our veggie burger, sides, shakes, sundaes and sodas are all vegetarian.

What's in the Shake Out veggie patty? 

Our veggie burger patty is made with mushroom, kumara, chickpea, basil, beetroot and kale. It's coated in a mixture of breadcrumbs, pumpkin seeds and nutritional yeast.

Do you serve vegan options? 

Our pickle-in-a-cup is vegan and so are our NZ sodas. 

Is your chicken free-range? 

Of course! 

What is the neuro in the neuro choc berry shake?

Great question! This shake contains Ārepa nootropic drink - a clinically researched natural supplement for your brain supplied by our friends at Ārepa. It's flavoured with Neuroberry™, a unique New Zealand variety of blackcurrants that not only taste delicious but are charged with Anthocyanins and Vitamin C which helps support neurological function and reduces fatigue. One serving gives you 100% of your Vitamin C for the day! Check out Ārepa for more info

Where is your beef from and what's in the patty? 

We use premium pure New Zealand beef and add nothing to the patty apart from salt and pepper during the cooking process. 

What's in the Shake Out sauce? 

We're not sharing that secret but we can promise it’s all pretty wholesome and there are no scary E numbers or additives in there. 

What's in the buns? How do you get them to taste so good? 

Our buns are baked with a blend of potato and pumpkin flour. When you order your burger, we toast the bun and add a light layer of caramelised butter to finish it off. 

Are you halal?

Our beef is certified halal. Our chicken is not currently halal however, our supplier is working on getting certification so watch this space. Shake Out is not a halal restaurant and we do not have halal processes in our kitchen.

How do I order and pay at Shake Out? 

At Shake Out we're totally cashless - you can pay with your phone, card or watch. Place your order on one of our kiosks, grab a buzzer, enter the buzzer number into the kiosk, then complete your payment. Your order will be sent straight to the kitchen. Take your buzzer with you - it will shake when your order is ready to be collected from the pick-up counter. You will get a receipt when you collect your order. 

Why are you cashless? 

We want to offer the ultimate, frictionless customer experience. Eliminating cash payments helps speed up the ordering process. 

Is your packaging recyclable? 

Our packaging is compostable and/or recyclable - more information on our packaging can be found on our packaging page. 

Can you cater my event? 

Contact the Shake Out team with all the details and we'll see what we can do. You can contact us through our contact form.

Can I order online?

Yes you can! You can check it out here.

Do you deliver? 

Sorry - we don't deliver, but we'll make sure the collection process is as seamless as possible for you! 

Can you sponsor my team / school / event? 

How can I own my own Shake Out store?

Unfortunately we're not currently able to take part in sponsorship activities. 

Great question! We have a dedicated page to answering everything you need to know about owning your own Shake Out store. We're currently looking for people who are ready to step into business ownership, so if you're picking up what we're putting down, head here for more info.