What’s the story on customisations?


At Shake Out, we're very proud of our menu, our speed and most of all, we're proud to be our unique, straight-up selves.

But there's an elephant in the room that we need to address...

Let us start with acknowledging the people who desperately want to try us but an allergy or preference is sat in the middle, blocking their road to Shake Out.

So if this is you, please let us begin by saying sorry. We're sorry that we aren't able to accommodate your customisations or allergens. We understand that this must be extremely frustrating - especially when the store's not chaotic and from your perspective, it appears straightforward to just simply not add cheese to a burger.

Well, you're completely right. It is easy to leave cheese off, but we weren't designed or set-up to accommodate for this. We know we can't be everything to everyone and we know some customers won't be able to eat with us for one reason or another - and we're OK with that.

We want to keep our customers safe and there are allergens present in our products and kitchen that we can't safeguard against. Community is important and we want you and whoever else is in your group to eat what they like from our menu, and if they can't, visit one of our neighbours for a suitable alternative.

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Burgers by design.

At Shake Out, we made a very intentional decision to steer away from customisations to keep things speedy, convenient and consistent. We spent months testing, tasting and building our burgers by design to focus on what we’re good at - delivering the best burgers in the fastest time possible, all at the most accessible price (which we know sounds like an impossible combination). We've been pretty selective about our ingredients to ensure that every Shake Out burger you get, tastes as absolutely delicious (and fast) as the last.

Here's the lowdown on how we build our burgers (without giving too much of our super secret recipes away):

  • We start with a soft and buttery caramelised burger bun that's made with a blend of potato & pumpkin flour.

  • Next we add grass-fed pure NZ beef.

  • Salad is key. Fresh lettuce adds crunch and also prevents the buns from getting soggy;

  • Pickles add tang, while the tomato provides acidity to cut through the richness of the beef.

  • The cheese adds a creaminess and all-round pleasant mouthfeel.

  • While the homemade Shake Out sauce is the subtle kick that pulls everything together.

Remove one of these ingredients and we lose the balance. It's like reading a book with no final chapter - it's OK, but there's just something missing and the whole experience isn't quite the same without out it. We don't want you to try a half-finished Shake Out burger.

So yes, we know it's understandably frustrating when you visit us, only to find we can't take tomato out of your burger. We’re really sorry about this, but please know we aren't doing it to try and intentionally ruin your day. We genuinely just want you to try how good fast can really taste.

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We appreciate that this might not be for everyone and that our answer might not completely satisfy you, but our intention is to give you the best we can.

Here are some top tips to sneak around customisations:

  • Not a fan of cheese? Our veggie burger has no cheese.

  • Don't like any of the salads? Just pick them out and utilise our composting bins to dispose of waste. All our compost is returned to local farmers to help enrich crop-growing soil.

  • Don't like pickles? Pick them out and share them - someone in your group is bound to love pickles (there's always one).

  • Can't eat cheese - unfortunately our buns contain dairy too, so we’re unable to safely protect against intolerances or allergies.

Thanks for understanding, and let us know if you have any questions. The team at Shake Out.